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Southern Gothic Alternative Psych Rock

 Tennessee's  Strangest  Duo 

Shrugging off the oft-forgotten musical history of their hometown, The Skeleton Krew are fighting tooth and nail to earn their place – and to regain that of Jackson, Tennessee – in the landscape of music innovation. Hailing from the birthplace of Rockabilly, Cameron Briley and Hunter Cross agree on one thing: This is what they do. 

  Inspired by the Beatnik movement of the ‘60s, The Skeleton Krew are heavy, experimental blend of Americana, Blues, and Psychedelic Rock. They cite their major influences as such renowned and diverse acts as Bob Dylan, Led Zeppelin, T. Rex, Captain Beefheart, and The White Stripes

 In 2020, they have solidified themselves in the minds of many as a force to be reckoned with. 

Nominations and awards for The Skeleton Krew include:

              • 2019 - Winner: Tennessee Music Awards - Indie/Roots Artist of the Year
              • 2019 – Winner: Tennessee Music Awards - Video of the Year (Track: Evil)
              • 2018 – Winner: Tennessee Music Awards – Guitarist of the Year (Hunter Cross)
              • 2018 – Winners: Tennessee Music Awards – Best Music Video (Track: Making Wishes on a Black Dandelion)
              • 2017 – Winner: Tennessee Music Awards - Guitarist of the Year (Hunter Cross)
              • 2017 – Winners: Tennessee Music Awards - Indie Band of the Year

Television and Radio Features: WSMV Nashville, WREG-TV Memphis, FM 101.5 WNWS

Festivals and Tour Stops: Summerfest, Milwaukee (2019); Horseshoe Riverbend Festival (2019)

for more press appearances, see here.

Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter, Broadway actress, and playwright Lauren (LOLO) Pritchard had this to say about The Skeleton Krew on the release of The Fall:

“The Skeleton Krew has come out swinging with their new EP release, The Fall. Hunter Cross and Cameron Briley have taken their loud onstage energy and translated it into six songs that are full of the dirty blues with their West Tennessee roots showing through, especially in songs like Skeleton Key and the reimagining of Hollow Girl. The more you spend time with this EP, the more you hear that this is a band that has only just begun to show us the magic that they’re made of.”

The Skeleton Krew have experienced great success in the band’s lifetime, appealing to a broad demographic from children to adults in their forties and beyond. They take great pride in having helped foster a resurgence of appreciation for local music history and the uptick of young musicians branching out in Jackson. The two have proven that music is a uniting factor, and the pair strive to remain young and hungry well into their careers because, in the immortal words of Zig Ziglar, “Time can be an ally or an enemy. What it becomes depends entirely upon you, your goals, and your determination to use every available minute.” This mantra is not only the modus operandi of The Skeleton Krew, but also a message they want to spread to every nook and cranny in which they find themselves: Time is not a renewable asset, so use it while you have it and never, ever, let it be wasted.

 Tennessee's  Strangest  Duo 

Southern Gothic Alternative Psych Rock 

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